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16 May 2024
Locus, Batch and Assignment Upgrades

Batch Codes

We've added a new 'Core' data store at the Batch level called Batch Codes. Available on plans, this additional field provides substantial advanced flexibility in the management of grouped tags sharing the same SKU number or generic ID. Batch Codes can be dynamically integrated into a redirect URL using subtags

Batch Codes can be used during Assignment or with Locus to move tags around the platform with mobile tag scans. 

Assignment Upgrades

We've modified the 'Switch' feature on Assignment to allow quick changes to where scanned NFC tags will be assigned. Switch now works with Batch Codes to allow a series of items with the same SKU to be quickly assigned to a Batch. 

For example, a collection ot t-shirts has been fitted with generic NFC tags from a pool Batch on ixkio. On ixkio, you enter that t-shirts SKU as a Batch Code. You can now scan one of the SKU barcodes (EAN, QR code or a QR code printed from ixkio) on the item and then quickly assign all those tags with a simple scan to that Batch on ixkio. A quick scan of another SKU with the Switch feature and you can start assigning to another Batch. Super quick - super flexible. 

QR Code Assignment

For our users that have implemented QR code only solutions, we now also added the ability to assign (and Check) QR codes. The Asssign feature on the mobile app will launch a QR reader instead of an NFC tag scan.  

Locus Upgrades

We've upgraded the Locus tag management system through the whole platform including major mobile app upgrades. Locus is used for moving, naming and controlling NFC tags once they are in place. All Locus features are now App based instead of mobile browser based and we've added a heap of new features including : 

  • Built in QR / barcode scanning
    • Quickly add data to any NFC tag on ixkio by scanning barcode/QR code information
    • Move tags around the ixkio platform by scanning the tag, then a barcode/QR code.  
  • Increased barcode support
    • Support for QR codes and now Code39, EAN-13, Datamatrix, GS1, UPC-A, UPC-E and more
  • OCR support
    • No barcode ? No problem. Add data or move tags by scanning order reference numbers, part numbers or more using OCR (optical character recognition) 

We've also substantially modifed the interface to allow for easier Locus setup including modification of displayed data, post submit functions (such as marking as assigned) and more. 

But that's not all. We will shortly be adding even more Locus features including the ability to add photos to a Tag Code, geolocation support and more advanced tag management for check in/check out scenarios. 

Ixkio is already one of the most advanced NFC tag management platforms available. And we are making it even better. 

22 April 2024
Additional NTAG424 Encoding Formats Added

We've beta launched support for additional NTAG424 authentication encoding formats on both API and Redirect response modes. 

The latest changes allow for support of encypted CMAC and PICCData in six different formats - up from the original two - with multiple key support. Settings for different encoding formats are managed at the Tag Code level allowing for different tags - event within the same batch - to be encoded in different formats. 

In addition to the latest platform changes, support for the new encoding formats is being built into the latest App release to allow for authentication NTAG424 tag encoding for custom API structures. 

Full release is expected in June 2024. If you are an existing ixkio customer and are interested in beta testing the new NTAG424 encoding formats for either Redirect or API, contact us for the features to be enabled on your account. 

17 April 2024
NTAG424 Encoding Updates

We've released some additional updates to the NTAG424 encoding feature available through the ixkio mobile app. 

API Encoding

Flex Alpha users can now encode NTAG424 tags for API response mode. We've added the ability for API users to add their own domain name URL and then dynamically encode authentication NTAG424 tags using their own domain for authentication via ixkio's API. Ixkio will automatically generate the keys and store against the tags. It's also possible to encode the tags dynamically using the CUID (customer unique ID). 

The structure of the URL can be modified using the ixkio subtags system to control where in the URL the count, unique code and CUID/XUID are placed. 

Custom Domain Encoding

For customers using their own custom domain on ixkio with Redirect Response mode, it's now possible to encode NTAG424 tags with the ixkio App with that custom domain. 

Future Upgrades

We are currently beta testing :

- more flexibility in the API encoding to include NTAG424's encrypted meta (count + UID) mirroring option
- dynamic unencrypted encoding of the tag UID within the URL 

03 April 2024
Clusters Released

Clusters have now been released in full across all Flex Alpha plans. 

Clusters allow the categorisation of Batches to provide a more manageable system on large scale deployments. By using Clusters, Batches can now be marked and filtered by additional parameter - such as colour or size. This allows Batches of tags to be released under the same Tag Group while still being able to manage at scale. Cluster information can of course be dynamically included in CodeLink, API response or Redirect URL as required. 

We are now beta testing multiple Cluster options and Cluster based rules for release later in July 2024. 

22 March 2024
Mobile App v4 Released

We've launched v4 of the ixkio mobile app with a number of improvements and updates including :

NTAG424 Encoding

Ixkio users can now encode their own NTAG424 tags directly from the mobile App. Ixkio will create the keys, automatically assign them to your Tag Codes and manage all the settings. Can be used with custom domains and coming shortly, API response modes.

Enhanced Check Functionality

We've improved the Check feature to provide more information including tag authentication confirmation for NTAG424 tag users : 

Continuous Encode Mode

Android users can now benefit from faster tag encoding by using the continuous encode mode. No screen taps are required between encoding large number of tags.

01 March 2024
Smart Assign Now In Beta

Smart Assign allows our mobile app users to dynamically change assignment batch destination via a QR code scan.

This is how it works : 

Administrators can generate Smart Assign QR codes for Batches within the Console. These can be printed out or emailed as a pdf directly to factories or production lines. Users on the ixkio mobile app who are assigning NFC tags to specific product lines can then scan the QR codes to change assignment Batch. 

For example, a Smart Assign QR code might be created for a 'Blue Handbag' and a 'Red Handbag'. On production, the mobile user would first scan the Blue Handbag QR code and then start assigning tags which would be moved into the Blue Handbag batch. Then, they can scan the Red Handbag QR code to start assigning tags to the Red Handbag batch. 

Smart Assign provides a dynamic ability for factories and production lines to have limited but flexible control over assignment. 

20 February 2024
Extended Data Updates

With the growing demand from our customers to store additional data for product passports and similar applications, we've expanded the number of Extended Data fields available on our Alpha plan and have now incorporated Extended Data into the Flex plan. 

We are also currently beta testing with a limited set of customers a more advanced Extended Data management system. We expect this to be released by early January 2024.  If you are an existing customer looking for more advanced Extended Data options, drop us a message and we can discuss options with you. ate

02 February 2024
Expiry Timeout On Additional Users (Multiuser)

It is now possible to set a time period that will automatically log users out of our App.

Our App will then require users to log back in if they wish to continue using it.

27 January 2024
Encode Unlimited !

We've added a new option for mobile app encoding. Currently, to prevent accidental duplicate encoding, ixkio stops Tag Codes being re-encoded with the ixkio mobile app if they have already been encoded. 

For customers who want to encode a large number of NFC tags with the same Tag Code, we've added 'Encode Unlimited' which will ignore a Tag Codes Encode status and allow for endless encoding. 

10 January 2024
Encode Status

Tag Codes now have Encode Status alongside Assignment Status. The Encode Status flag can be used for your own use for keeping track of which Tag Codes you have encoded. However, it's primarily designed for users encoding using our ixkio mobile apps as a mechanism to prevent accidental duplicate encoding.

18 December 2023
IPhone And Android Apps Updated With Assignment

We have now updated our iPhone and Android Apps to allow users full Assignment features. We are now retiring mobile browser based Assignment. The latest Apps are available on the Apple and Google Play stores. 

04 December 2023
CodeLink Upgrades Now Allow Data Connection Of Both Core And Extended Data

Our powerful Codelink has been upgraded to allow the dynamic linking of both Core and Extended data from ixkio to your landing pages. Customers using ixkio to store product related data such as serial numbers or manufacturing information, can now pass this dynamically to landing pages using CodeLink with a single line of javascript. CodeLink works with Shopify, Wix, Webflow, Squarespace and custom built websites. 

06 November 2023
Browser/USB Device-Based Encoding To Be Discontinued From December 2023

From December 2023, it will no longer be possible to encode tags through a browser/USB device. However, it is now possible to encode tags through our new mobile app!

This app is available on Android and iOS.

03 November 2023
Multiple CodeLink Codes Now Allowed Across The Platform

Ixkio now allows the creation of multiple CodeLink codes for more advanced multi-site management. 

30 October 2023
Direct Response Mode To Be Discontinued

With the latest upgrades to our CodeLink system, all the functionality of direct response can be built into existing systems such as Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Webflow or Squarespace.

04 October 2023
IPhone And Android App Released

We have launched our new Ixkio App that can encode tags with just your mobile phone and works across all plans including Lite!

Stay tuned for future updates and additional features.

25 September 2023
CodeLink Now Available On All Flex Plans

Ixkio's CodeLink system is now available for use on all ixkio Flex plans. CodeLink allows the transfer of tag related data - such as serial numbers of manufacturing data - between ixkio and landing pages without complex server integration. 

CodeLink works with both Standard (NTAG213, iCODE SLIX) tags and Authentication (NTAG424) tags. On the on Flex Pro and Alpha plans, CodeLink can also be used with Authentication tags to help protect the landing pages from unwanted hits - creating a secure link between the authentication tag and the page content. 

12 September 2023
Shopify App Released

We've created a new Shopify App that enables product data stored within ixkio to be dynamically passed onto existing Shopify pages.

This is only available for users on our Flex Plans.

01 September 2023
New 'Reserved' Assignment Status

New 'Reserved' Assignment Status on Tag Codes prevents multi-user accidental encoding of the same Tag Code

16 August 2023
Realtime Authentication Data Now Available On The Console

We are now displaying realtime NFC authentication data on the Console scan logs. 

The classification of a failed authentication is complicated as there's a number of ways it can be interpreted in the system. For the purposes of the console, a failed authentication is regarded as the presence of the data required from the chip to make an authentication attempt but that the code was incorrect. 

Note that a failed authentication is recorded regardless of whether a Rule is created to manage the Response. 

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