NFC Tag Management

Authentication & Identification

NFC Tag Management

Authentication & Identification

Why use ixkio tag management ?

Tag Redirects
Change tag destinations after deployment quickly and easily.
Powerful rule based control let’s you manage globally, in groups or tag by tag.
Combine with Seritag for complete tag issuance. Tags will work before they are delivered.
Manage 100 tags or 100,000 tags. Ixkio can scale and grow with your project.
Designed for NFC
The ixkio platform was designed for NFC tags from the start, not as an extra.
Ixkio is developed and managed by experienced NFC industry people. We know what works.

Start using
NFC Authentication Tags

Using the latest NFC authentication chips doesn’t need to be complicated.
NTAG DNA Support
Integrated support for NXP’s NTAG413 and NTAG424 DNA chips
Key Management
Ixkio manages the keys required to authenticate the tags
Backend Auth or Direct Response
Use ixkio’s API to power your App or use Ixkio’s Direct Response pages
Tag Deployment
Use Seritag for tag issuance and data is automatically transferred to ixkio
Combine Tag Rules
Easily combine authentication and standard rules for powerful control

to make things easier

API, Redirect or Direct Response
The flexibility to use Ixkio as a backend to your App, a link redirect system or send a Direct Response.
Group & Organise
Manage tags with folders, tag groups, batches and short codes.
Powerful Rule System
Create rules based on scan count, authentication, tamper and more
Multilayer Rules
Create rules for thousands of tags or just the one and then change within seconds
Tamper & Auth Support
Built in support for the latest NFC tag features
QR Codes
Download and manage QR Codes alongside or instead of NFC tags within the same interface
Email Notifications
Setup notifications for authentication fails, tag scans or other events
Intelligent Scan Monitoring
Use the power of the Ixkio intelligent monitoring system to constantly monitor for unusual scan activity
Advanced Rules
Create advanced rules based on data input, time of day or other criteria
Full Seritag Integration
Purchase your NFC tags from Seritag and they can be automatically loaded into Ixkio
Tag Based User Auth
Only want certain responses to authorised users ? Ixkio’s one tap authorisation removes the need for passwords and logins.
Grow without limits
Add tags as you grow, remove them when you don’t. You only pay for the tag slots you use.

for all users

Easy tag management
  • Fast, easy to use tag management for up to 1,000 NFC tags or QR codes.
Larger scale management
  • Tag management with groups, folders and Locus to provide in-situ tag allocation. Optional auth tag and API support.
Full power tag management
  • Full featured tag management including API access, authentication tag support, smart monitoring and direct response pages.



Seritag is Ixkio’s sister company providing NFC tags, encoding and ID printing services.


Ixkio provides back-end NFC tag management services for identification and authentication.

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