Using Ixkio

Flexible, scalable NFC tag management.
It's that simple.

Designed by NFC experts for NFC, ixkio is the platform for managing any size of project.

Dynamic Redirect or API

The ixkio platform is designed for flexibility and to fit with your current websites, apps and user experience.


Create pages on your normal website, add the tags to your product/garments and ixkio does the rest.

Easy Start
Start integrating tags, decide content later.

Dynamic Links
Update destination tag URLs remotely via ixkio as often as you need.

Full Control
Manage tags using rules, folders, tag groups and more.


For users with existing apps or websites wanting to leverage the power of authentication tags.

Managed Keys
Ixkio manages the authentication and the encryption keys.

Chip Selection
Avoid supply problems - use any NTAG or EM|Linq chips together.

Quick Start
Deploy your tags, call the API, done.


Designed to grow with your project, ixkio enables you to manage tags into organisation folders, active folders, tag groups and batches.

Control tag by tag, batch by batch, as a complete project or however you choose.


Rules give you control. Redirect or change tag response based on dynamic criteria such as scan count, QR or NFC, authentication status and more.

Create nested rules for advanced responses and dynamically include rule or tag group data in the redirect URL.

Multilevel Control

Set different responses based on folders and tag groups to allow fast updates to single or batches of tags.

Move tags, batches or tag groups to instantly change status and response.

Dynamic Response

Automatically and dynamically include tag status and additional data into redirect URL, direct or API response.

Tag scan, folder or tag group data, deployment or previous scan dates and more can be dynamically included.

Tag Information

Associate additional data such as serial numbers, tag identifiers or tag UIDs with tags, batches or groups.

Then dynamically include data in redirects or API responses.