Product and location security without
running around.

Leverage the power of authentication tags using your existing platform.

Open & Accessible

Authentication NFC tags contain special NFC chips which are designed to prevent copying.

They work with all NFC enabled phones and require no special app to be downloaded by the user.

  • Secure supply chains
  • Authenticate products
  • Ensure proof of presence

Hidden Keys

Hidden encryption keys are written on each tag during the encoding process.

These keys are also stored on the ixkio platform.

Unique Codes

Tags generate a unique 'auth' code using the key on each and every scan.

This auth code is dynamically added to the scan URL.


The 'auth' code is verified by ixkio using the same tag key.

This checks that the tag is genuine and hasn't been copied.

Full Ixkio Features

Authentication was built into the ixkio platform from the start.
Combine with Rules, Locus and all the standard ixkio features to create your own system.

Authentication Rules

Create authentication rules to provide access to restricted content to registered users and marketing content to your customers.

Ixkio allows you to combine rules to create multi-layered responses.


Use authentication tags with Locus or direct response to enable supply chain control.

Enable anyone, anywhere in the world to check the authenticity of a product or pallet.

Three Ways To Use Authentication

Authentication support is enabled on our Flex Pro plan and can used to fit your current website or platform.


Tags are authenticated by ixkio and then users are seamlessly redirected to pages on your existing website.

Easy Start
Start integrating tags, decide content later. Use your existing website.

Dynamic Links
Update destination tag URLs remotely via ixkio as often as you need.

Full Control
Manage tags using rules, folders, tag groups and more.

CodeLink Support
Add some simple javascript code to your pages to prevent direct hits.

Direct Response

For users who simply need a straightforward authentication response direct to the registered or open users.

Single System
No external development required. Ixkio provides the authenticated response.

Supply Chain Control
Just add a tag for instant supply chain control.

Tag Data
Set dates, simple data and text directly on tag scan.

Tag Moves
Use Locus to manage tags in location.


For users with existing apps or websites wanting to leverage the power of authentication tags.

Managed Keys
Ixkio manages the authentication and the encryption keys.

Chip Selection
Avoid supply problems - use any NTAG or EM|Linq chips together.

Quick Start
Deploy your tags, call the API, done.