ixkio offers three plans for different applications

Lite Flex Auth
£10 /month
£35 /month
£45 /month
Tag Slots*
Tag Slots* 100 1,000 1,000
Tag Scans / Mth*
Tag Scans / Mth* 1,000 10,000 10,000
Tag Level Redirects
Tag Level Redirects Yes Yes -
TapStart Enabled
TapStart Enabled Yes Yes -
TapStart Pro Enabled
TapStart Pro Enabled - Yes -
Scan Stats
Scan Stats Yes Yes Yes
Tag/Group Redirects
Tag/Group Redirects - Yes -
Folders & Groups
Folders & Groups - Yes Yes
Batches - Yes Yes
API Access
API Access - - Yes
Rule Based Redirects
Rule Based Redirects - Yes -
Locus - Yes -
Auth Tag Support
Auth Tag Support - Yes Yes
Tamper Tag Support
Tamper Tag Support - Yes -
QR Code Support
QR Code Support - Yes -
Direct Response
Direct Response - Yes -

Pricing Information

Plan Length

Ixkio plans have a minimum contract length of one month. Plan renewals can be cancelled at any time at least 7 days prior to renewal via your account or by contacting us.

Additional Tag Slots

The Lite plan has a fixed management limit of 100 tags. Note that this is the number of individually managed tag codes - you can encode the same code onto as many tags as you like.

Additional tag slot packages can be added to the Flex and Auth plans as follows :

5,000 slots : £:10.00/mth
10,000 slots : £:18.00/mth
50,000 slots : £:75.00/mth
100,000 slots : £:120.00/mth
250,000 slots : £:200.00/mth

Larger slot packages are available on request.

Additional Tag Scans

Ixkio offer a fair use policy on tag scans. We appreciate that campaign launches can cause month by month fluctuations in the number of scans required. Therefore, we allow a 300% overage in any single month on scans.

Any consistent overage on a month by month basis will require purchase of either a High Usage or Enterprise Usage upgrade - contact us for information. Scan upgrades are only possible on the Flex and Auth plans.

Account Upgrades

The Lite plan can be upgraded at any time to the Flex plan. Flex plans cannot usually be downgraded to the Lite plan but contact us to discuss options.


For accounts opened within the UK we offer both credit card and bank transfer payment options. For accounts outside the UK, we only currently accept credit card payments.

Trial Accounts

We offer a 14 day free trial account on the Lite and Flex plans. Due to the complex nature of using Ixkio as an authentication API, we don't currently offer a free trial on the Auth plan.