You want to add NFC tags to your products. But you want unique data associated with the tags to show on your existing site.

How CodeLink Works

1. Enable CodeLink

Add a single line of javascript to your NFC tag landing page(s) and a few extra snippets of html code throughout your page. We've got full tutorials to help you get started.

Shopify users can just enable the ixkio Shopify app. Advanced users can create their own javscript for full control of the page protection and content data.

2. Add Tag Data

Add information to your Tag Codes in ixkio. Manufacturing date, serial numbers, product names - whatever information you want to transfer from ixkio to your landing page.

Of course, it's dynamic - so you can change and update as often as you need.

3. Scan Your Tag

Now just scan your NFC tags to dynamically display data on your landing page.

CodeLink enables the transfer of data from ixkio to your landing page and optionally protects it from direct page access.

Tag Information

CodeLink can pass and dynamically display almost any tag related data stored within the ixkio platform.

Core Data

Essential tag data for simple serial numbers.

. Tag Names
. Chip UID
. Your Unique ID

Extended Data

User configurable data for digital product passports.

for example..
. Material Information
. Factory Data
. Release Dates

System Data

Stored data related to the Tag Code.

. Scan Counts
. Batch Information
. Tag Created Date

Action Data

Data related specifically to that tag scan.

. Mobile Device
. Geo Data
. Operating System