January System Updates

02 February 2023

A quick roundup of new features and upgrades to the ixkio platform during January : 

Mobile Phone Scan Assignment

In addition to using the popular uFR WiFi assignment devices, we've also now released mobile phone Tag Code Scan Assignment support. Tag Codes can be mark as assigned and optionally moved between Batches from a quick Mobile Phone scan. Designed for deploying tags from a 'pool' to a specific product. We've also added Assignment Users so that Mobile Assignment users have limited access and a simple Assignment interface. 

Beta Release of Event Logs

We are gradually rolling out the event logs to the console and stage one is the release of Tag Code events. These can be viewed via the lower 'Scan/Event' panel on the Tag Code screen. By the end of Q1, most Tag Code events (assignments, changes, moves, etc) will be displayed in the Event Log. 

Timezone Updates

The previous 'auto-detect' user timezone has been ditched and replaced with a simple 'set it yourself' timezone option. Users can now set the timezone for the console from the Account Information screen. The default timezone on all new accounts is GMT. 

NFT Integration

As part of the continued NFT integration, Standard NFT support is built into all Flex Alpha plans. This allows NFT information to be associated with an NFC Tag Code and verification to take place at the same time as the NFC verification. 

NFT+ is now in beta release to limited customers with expected release to all customers during February. NFT+ allows the creation of NFT Collections and NFTs directly through the Console. NFTs can then be assigned directly to Tag Codes (or Batches) and can be minted and transferred to wallets via the management API, Direct Respose or Redirect. NFT+ requires the additional purchase of NFT+ credits. Full release is expected towards the end of Q1. 

NFTx is now in early alpha release. NFTx is an advanced NFT integration which allows the NFT to be locked to the NFC Tag Code and cannot be transferred without confirmation of an NFC Tag scan. NFTx is expected to move to limited customer testing during Q2. 

Tag Code, Batch Moves

We've changed the way that Tag Codes and Batches can be moved in preparation for some future updates. Tag Codes and Batches can now be 'cut' and 'pasted' between locations. 

We've also updated the system so that Tag Codes and Batches can now be moved across Active Folders where previously Tag Codes were limited to movement within an Active Folder. Note that Tag Codes cannot be moved across Folder Modes - a Tag Code in a Redirect Folder cannot be moved to an API Folder for example. 

These changes are in preparation for an increase later in Q2 of the Extended Data system so that more data can be associated with a Tag Code and the ability for Extended Data to be sticky to a Tag Code as it is moved from Batch to Batch within the platform. 

Statistics Downloads

Stats downloads now include Geo and Mobile phone scan data (Redirect and Direct Response Modes). Additionally, Extended Data is now included within the Stats Downloads where possible.