Feature release : Upgrades to Geo & Phone Data

10 December 2022

We have upgraded geo and mobile phone capability data across all Flex plans to provide greater insight and control. 

Geo Data

All Flex plans now include country code and local user timezone data. Available on both Redirect and Direct Response plans, the scan country and timezone will appear on downloadable stats, while the country data will appear in the console data. 

Geo Data has also now been included in the Subtags system so that country, currency, timezone and local time can now be dynamically included in Redirects. 

Geo Data is based on the user IP address. Therefore, Geo data isn't available on the API response mode as ixkio isn't aware of user IP. During our beta testing, we found a 99% accuracy in the data. 

Mobile Device Data

All Flex plans now also include Mobile Device information within the stats - both on console and on download. Mobile device data includes device Operating System (iOS, Android) and also Browser (Chrome, etc). 

Along with Geo data, Mobile Device Data is also now available in the Subtags system so that mobile operating system and browser can be dynamically included in the Redirect URL. 

Additionally, all Flex plans can now add Rules based on Mobile Device information. For example, it is now possible to create a Rule to Redirect a user in realtime based on the Operating System. An iPhone user can be redirect to one page (or App download) and Android user elsewhere. 

User Privacy

To maintain privacy, the IP address and detailed mobile information of the user is never stored and is converted to generic data in realtime. Additionally, no additional or more specific user location data is stored in any way other than at country level. As always, no cookies or other tracking are stored on a user's device or associated with a user.