Authenticating Artwork with NFC

09 March 2023
Integrating NFC tags into artwork pieces for authentication purposes

There's been a substantial increase in the last six months in the number of clients using NFC technology to authenticate valuable artwork. Recently, we worked with Mahajati on a project integrating NFC tags into their hand-made artwork pieces. Each bespoke piece can take months or years to make by specialists and no artwork piece is the same. These tags hold a digital certificate of authenticity, also providing proof of ownership.

Mahajati Handmade Artwork with NFC
Mahajati Handmade Artwork with NFC


There are multiple ways NFC tags can be used in sculptures and artwork pieces. Labels can be laminated within the artwork or the tags can be made visible and part of the artwork. This is a discrete way of integrating NFC tags to verify artwork with no QR codes, which can also be copied, to distract from the artwork. This method of integrating the NFC tags within the artwork makes it difficult to remove and place into a separate piece of artwork.

These authentication tags have the NTAG424 chip which generates a new code on every scan which is then verified by a third-party server. Regular NFC tags can be copied which makes these authentication chips perfect for this purpose. These tags can be scanned with an NFC enabled phone, making it easy for customers to protect their purchases.

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