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NHS chooses ixkio to support mental wellbeing of their staff

23 May 2023
NHS Hangtag connected to ixkio

The Dorset NHS WellNet project was triggered at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when NHS staff of all levels were thrown into the deep end. The aim of the project was to focus on supporting these people and their mental wellbeing.

Dorset NHS have been using NFC hangtags that link through to their WellNet website. WellNet is a platform to support and improve the mental wellbeing of their staff. These hangtags were linked to the ixkio platform for the comprehensive management of the campaign. By using ixkio, it’s possible for them to view scan statistics and change the destination URL in the future. Since joining ixkio in 2022, they’ve generated an overwhelming response.

These physical hangtags are a great way to provide accessibility. In the past, posters would have been placed around staff areas however, staff rooms have been compromised for patients. This means there is no longer a specific area to have a break, resulting in them having a cup of tea under the stairs. This is also due to Covid restrictions of only allowing a small number of people in a room at one time.

NHS staff, such as GP’s, porters and cleaners, are so good at looking after other people and patients that they forget to look after themselves, making the WellNet project so important. Monthly newsletters are sent out providing access to workshops, counseling, therapy for trauma and recommendations such as cold water swimming, meditation and mindfulness.

The project’s focus is about providing a physical item that can be carried around and used on the go.

Dorset’s Here for Each Other team provide ‘Hug in a Mug’ events where staff receive a free hot tea or coffee, have a break and talk to each other whilst being given the free hangtag, linking them to the WellNet website where they can find free resources and help.

“We decided to use interactive NFC enabled hang tag keyfobs to try and get the project into people’s hands and people’s thoughts. Wellnet is an ongoing project and the overall aim is to get all our staff aware that it’s something that is there for them whenever and wherever they need it.” Ali Ruddle, Communications Officer.

Remote workers don’t have access to laptops or computers, making these hangtags perfect for scanning with their phone on the go. NHS staff of all levels will be able to scan the NFC hangtag with their mobile phone and get redirected to the WellNet website which shows them how to receive wellbeing coaching, psychological support and cost of living support. 

The project has had great feedback from staff with some saying “The service has really helped me through my journey. I now know how to manage and adapt when things get too much" and "Every single person I have ever met within the service has been knowledgeable, kind, a great listener and a great source of information.” Due to the positive feedback on the WellNet campaign, Dorset NHS are now also starting to use both the hangtags and ixkio platform within the perinatal mental health sector.

“We are excited to be involved in this project with the NHS. The number of use cases for ixkio is broad but this one stood out. We are caring for people that are care for us.” Helen Jones, Operations Manager.