Stay in control

Ixkio is a specialist management platform powering the connection between physical and digital.
It's the engine behind millions of NFC tags in projects all over the world.

Ixkio works with your existing user experience, instead of replacing it.

nfc tag redirect icon

Dynamic Links

Change tag destinations after deployment whenever you need

flexibility icon


Use rules, dynamic response and groups for total tag control

nfc assignment icon


Assignment systems to get the right tag in the right product

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Manage 100 tags or 100,000 tags. Ixkio can scale with your project

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Designed for NFC

Designed for NFC tags from the start, not an extra

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Designed, managed and supported by NFC experts

nfc key management

Key Management

Secure key management for a fast, reliable activation

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Verify tags via API or use Redirects and CodeLink

nfc tag deployment


Deploy secure, locked tags safely during production

NFC Authentication

Integrated support for the latest authentication chips such as NXP's NTAG424 DNA

Mobile Control

Encode, assign, check and manage tags from your phone with our ixkio mobile app.



ixkio's management plans are packed full of features designed giving you full tag management control

Redirect or API

The flexibility to integrate ixkio into your current platform, website or app.

Group & Organise

Manage tags at multiple levels with folders, tag groups and batches.

Powerful Rule System

Create rules easily to manage redirects or responses for both QR codes and NFC tags.


Pass tag data and prevent direct page views in Redirect Mode with our flexible CodeLink system.

Custom Domain

Brand your NFC tag encoding in Redirect Mode by added your own custom domain.

Android & iOS Apps

Use our mobile apps for encoding and assignment for seamless control.

Multilayer Rules

Create rules for thousands of tags or just the one and then change as often as you need.

Tamper & Auth Support

Built in support for the latest NFC tag features such DNA authentication and StatusDetect.

QR Codes

Create, download and manage QR Codes alongside or instead of NFC tags.


Built-in support our TapStart registration-free tag management. Give your users control of their tags.

AI Powered Scan Monitoring

Ixkio's AI powered monitoring system to constantly monitor for unusual scan activity.


Our powerful Locus system enables 'in-situ' secure management of deployed NFC tags.

Direct Seritag Integration

Encoding and key data automatically loaded when you opt to procure your NFC tags from Seritag.


Encode or assign pre-encoded tags directly from ixkio with multi-device and user support.


Add, control and monitor additional platform users down to tag level.

Shopify App

Secure redirect links and pass tag data dynamically with the Shopify App.

Management API

Update tag and NFT data dynamically with the management API.


Realtime scan statistics with geo, device and OS information by tag/QR code.