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Register in four ways :

1. Use your activation code

If you have an activation code from an iPhone NFC tags pack or Seritag trial pack, enter it here to activate ixkio with your tags preloaded. No credit card details required.

2. Open a Lite account

Create an ixkio lite account and use for free. Lite accounts can be upgraded at any point to add additional features or more tags. No credit card details required.

3. Open a trial Pro account

You can open a trial Pro account for 30 days. Create tag slots, download encoding data and test your tags free of charge. No credit card details required.

4. Speak to us

If you want to take a subscription to the Pro account, convert your Lite or trial Pro account or open an Advanced or Enterprise account, then just contact us.


Seritag is Ixkio’s sister company providing NFC tags, encoding and ID printing services.


Ixkio provides back-end NFC tag management services for identification and authentication.

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