Using Ixkio’s Lite tag management plan

Our Ixkio Lite tag management plan is designed for cost effective, quick, easy and scaleable management of up to 1,000 NFC tags. Manage the redirect on each tag individually and view headline scan and tag data. You can upgrade to our larger plans at any time but this is a great place to get started using NFC.

Tag Level Redirects

Tag level redirects allow you to change the destination of your NFC tags at any time, as often as you like. Tags are encoded to link to Ixkio and then instantly redirect to a website or web page of your choice.

Lite Interface

To make management easier, we’ve stripped all the complicated management sections and created a clean, clear control panel. Of course, if you grow and need the more advanced features, you can upgrade and keep all your data at the click of a mouse.

QR Codes

If you plan to use QR codes alongside your NFC tags or in some cases instead of NFC tags, you can create and download QR codes online instantly. Scans are tracked separately and you can see how people are interacting through the stats.



Seritag is Ixkio’s sister company providing NFC tags, encoding and ID printing services.


Ixkio provides back-end NFC tag management services for identification and authentication.

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