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Device Assignment now in full release

28 October 2022

Assignment is now in full release across the ixkio platform. Available on the Flex Alpha plan, Scan Assignment and Encode Assignment can now be used for large scale deployment of NFC tags in production. 

Both Scan Assignment and Encode Assignment have been designed to work with Digital Logic's range or USB and WiFi NFC readers/writers

All Tag Codes on the Alpha plan now have an Assignment Status which allows quick reference to which tags have been deployed and which haven't. 

Key benefits : 

Scan Assignment

Scan Assignment allows the NFC tags to either be 'Assigned' within the same Batch or 'Assigned' and moved from one Batch to another. Using Digital Logic's range of uFR WiFi readers, NFC tags can be quickly scanned before, during or after production. 

Allowing the Tag Codes to be moved from Batch to Batch with just the scan enables tags to go live with a pre-set Tag Group configuration. 

Multiple Scan Assignment devices can be used - each with their own identifier. One Scan Assignment can be moving Tag Codes from Batch A to Batch B, while another can simultanuously be moving Tag Codes from Batch A to Batch C. 

Encode Assignment

Encode NFC tags from ixkio directly from the ixkio browser console using Digital Logic's USB devices. Simply attach the encoding device, navigate to your chosen Batch within the console, add some Tag Codes (or use existing) and start encoding. No additional equipment or software required. 

Tags can be created, encoded and activated in minutes. 


Readers/writers can be purchased from Seritag or directly from Digital Logic. For Scan Assignment, you need to purchase the uFR Nano Online device. For Encode Assignment, the uFR Nano, uFR Classic or uFR XL devices are all suitable. 

Coming soon...

Scan Assignment by phone is currently in Beta and being tested by a limited number of customers. We expect release in early January 2023.

We are also currently Beta testing 'Assignment Markers'. These will be specific links that you can encode onto NFC tags to set Scan Assignment in the field. For example, you can create a Batch for 'Blue T-Shirt' and then an Assignment Marker NFC tag for that Batch. On the production line, the 'Blue T-Shirt' Assignment Marker NFC tag can be scanned and then all further NFC tags scanned will be moved into that Batch. Designed for production lines dealing with multiple lines.